Hypnosis Meets Nutrition

This brain training guide to encourage healthy, nutritious food choices is a four session programme, designed to help you:

  1. Bring your food choices to conscious awareness.
  2. Educate yourself on healthy, balanced diet vs. diet confusion
  3. Motivate you to naturally desire nutrient dense, healthier choices, so you eat less unhealthy, fat promoting foods and benefit from increased energy levels
  4. Switch off the compulsion to eat chemically laden, nutritionally deficient foods that trick your mind to keep eating them
  5. De-programme your brain out of the food advertisers' trance
  6. Ensuring you aren't literally starving nutritionally!

You also receive a supporting CD recording to listen to in between your sessions.


This is a standalone programme, suitable for anyone who needs to make better food choices. Maybe you have hit a plateau on your weight loss journey or cannot shift that last 10lb. However, it is also suitable for clients with cravings for particular foods (salty, processed, simple carbohydrates and/or sugary) or those who feel tired all the time and wants to enjoy improved energy levels. It is also for clients who need to improve their diet for health reasons (e.g. diabetic)

This healthier choices focused programme is also the perfect accompaniment to our Hypno Gastric Band programme. You can add this at the end of your Hypno Gastric Band programme to give additional support.

The Hypno Gastric Band helps by putting the right foundations in place, by making some small realistic changes, and focussing on eating the right size portions.

This programme takes the next step to healthy, sustainable weight loss, by focusing on making good, nutritious food choices to reduce cravings, improving energy levels and reducing chances of developing disease.


Biologically we are programmed to seek out what our body is lacking, so even if we feel full, if we are lacking nutritionally a powerful biological will urge us to put our head back in the cupboard again.

Research estimates that a whopping 97% of the population is nutrient deficient. The most common deficiencies are Iron, Iodine, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12, Calcium, Vitamin A and Magnesium, which are all essential for a healthy, functioning body. We are now so deficient, that previously eradicated diseases, such as Rickets, have made a comeback.

Fifty years ago, the vast majority of people were slim, and it was normal to eat three meals a day. Snacking and grazing all day long was not in our culture. However, not only were people eating in the right quantities, they were also eating home cooked, natural food. Food groups were not excluded, and the foods they were eating were likely to be locally produced and organic.

However, today’s diets are filled with convenience processed foods packed with cheap sugar fillers, chemical preservatives designed to increase shelf life and other chemical additives and flavourings, that trick our minds into wanting more. Mass farming methods have lead to a 50-fold increase in pesticides and the vast majority of animal products contain artificial hormones and antibiotics. All these changes in our diet have had little benefit to our health, but significantly helped the food manufacturer’s profits!

These nutritionally empty processed foods you’re clients are likely to be eating, do not satisfy their body’s need for food, simply because it is not food. This is partly why it’s easy to consume many calories in one sitting and still feel hungry shortly after – the body is filled with calories, but not the nutrition it needs.

The body will naturally seek out the nutrition it needs, and encourages eating again. It can also leave the body feeling tired as it has to work hard to process the rubbish and extract what little nutrition, if any, it does contain. This can create a vicious cycle if continuing to feed it rubbish and not the correct nutrition it needs.



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