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Our clients say the nicest things about us! Hypnotherapy really can change your life forever, and when that happens you want to tell the world about it.

Here's just a few of the testimonials we've received from our clients. These are all genuine comments received; however, to fully protect client confidentiality all possible identification has been omitted before publication.

* "Seeing Tracey has changed my life. She has helped me overcome my needle phobia in just 3 sessions, resolve my extreme sleeping problems in just 4 sessions and helped me personally find solutions for relationship and family hurdles. Since our sessions, my life has transformed and I can now say I run my own successful coaching business. I have recommended Tracey to many friends and family and would recommend to anyone who is suffering with emotional or physical health concerns."

* "I was surprised by Hypnotherapy - I thought I would be out cold, but I still had an awareness. I had quite deep-rooted problems which went back to my childhood, but after three sessions I felt that my problems were solved and I could get on with my life."

* "I've been meaning to get in touch for a while to say thank you. Last year or the year before I think, we worked on my irrational fear of blood tests and some other things and I am so pleased to let you know that we cracked it!

I got married and fell pregnant and have had to have lots of blood tests now. The first one was tough but gradually it's become less of a thing and I know that I couldn't have done it without your brilliant help. I'm also just more positive and generally happier about life, less of a worrier as a result of our sessions and I cannot thank you enough for that.

Me and my husband have decided to do hypnobirthing to help us with the birth of our baby. I feel I've had a head start on this as I know how effective hypnosis can be.

Anyway, thank you very much again, hugely grateful for your support."

* "I had managed to lose weight through dieting, but had reached a plateau - Hypnotherapy helped me to finally feel good about myself so I no longer needed to binge on junk food and alcohol as a treat because it felt like I had been depriving myself for so long through dieting.

Hypnotherapy was also great just to get rid of my stress and anxieties - I really looked forward to my weekly session with Tracey."

* "Last year, I came to you for help about swallowing tablets. I had never been able to for my whole life and it was really getting in the way.

I'm so happy to say that for the whole of this year, I've been happily able to take paracetamols, ibuprofen, naproxen for my bad ankles and just this week, my first ever cold and flu tablets (chunky red and yellow things!!) Albeit, I still struggle to do it with just a drink but now I can easily let it slide down with a small piece of food.

Thank you so much for your help. I never would have thought this was possible and if needed, I feel confident to take more tablets in the future. Thank you so much and i always recommend your service to my friends and family."

* "I went to Norwich Hypnotherapy for weight loss. Although only having a small amount of weight to lose, and having been dieting for most of my life, I began to understand through my sessions that low self-esteem and confidence was the root of the problem. I really feel that I have begun a new chapter in my life as a result of the support and hypnotherapy."

* "Alcohol has been part of my life for over 23 years; I always grabbed a drink when I arrived home and found the habit was hard to break. I got to the point when I'd had enough, not being able to control it. After just two sessions with Tracey, I've not touched a drop! I can't believe how quickly and easily the therapy worked, and I've been telling all my friends about the treatment. It really was money well spent, as I'm now saving myself a fortune."

* "This problem totally ruled my life - I felt unable to leave the house without careful planning. With the help of Hypnotherapy I feel much more relaxed and have gained an understanding of the root cause of the problem which triggered many of my anxieties around this issue."

* "After just one session, after 18 years of bed-wetting I've had my first week of being dry through the night! It's quite incredible, and has made such a difference to my life and that of my family. Thank you."

* "After just two sessions I really noticed the difference - feeling much more relaxed and able to deal with the challenges in my life with less stress and anxiety."

* "I just want to thank you for a really positive first experience of hypnotherapy, which really did change my whole outlook and attitude on the day, and allowed me to actually enjoy (??!) the test, and pass with only 4 minors! I am over the moon, and really appreciate your help in making me calm and confident enough on the day to pass."

* "Very good at getting to the root of my poor relationship with food. I went from thinking about food or eating 24x7 to being satisfied with three healthy meals a day!"

* "Tracey is very good at what she does - really understanding and sympathetic. She helped me so much when I was finding it difficult to cope and at a low point in my life. I found Hypnotherapy very powerful and effective. I was able to let go of the past and move on with my life."

* "I walked in a smoker and went out leaving my cigarettes and lighter in the bin."

* "Hypnotherapy was very effective in changing my eating habits and reducing my cravings for particular foods. The sessions helped me to reduce the amount that I was eating."

* "Tracey offered me a very personalised approach to losing weight. After just the first session I had lost my desire for sweets and chocolate."


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(*) Disclaimer: This site does not provide medical advice. Consult with your Doctor (GP) on all medical issues regarding your condition and its treatment. Expectations of therapy: Each individual responds differently so we plan and tailor your therapy to best match your needs, individual requirements and personality type. We use a multi-modal approach to therapy based upon your individual needs. There are no guarantees that any of these courses of action will solve your issues. What you are paying for is our professional time and not necessarily a cure.