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Tracey Curl

 Tracey Curl

Thanks for visiting my hypnotherapy site. I'm sure you'll find plenty of information here about Hypnotherapy and the benefits that it can bring.
I am a qualified hypnotherapist, weight-loss counsellor and NLP therapist. I trained at the Anglia School of Hypnotherapy.

I was born and brought up in Norwich, and studied a B.A. (Honours) in Social Policy and Administration at Leeds before taking a gap year teaching English in Vitoria in northern Spain. Returning to England I trained with Oxfordshire Probation Service to gain experience before taking my Masters degree in Social Work at the London School of Economics.

My chosen career direction was working as a Probation Officer in London, Suffolk and Norfolk. Over a period of nearly 20 years I worked with substance dependencies, counselling, life skills and behavioural change. I thoroughly enjoyed the work and found it very rewarding being able to give people alternative choices and opportunities in their lives.

After such a long period, I realised that I needed new challenges and to stretch my abilities. I had seen how very quick results can be achieved through an effective hypnotherapy programme, and was keen to learn more. I studied a Master Practitioner Diploma with the Anglia School of Hypnotherapy, and became a qualified hypnotherapist, accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register.

I have also been working as a volunteer in the NHS, helping with their weight-loss and healthy eating programmes, and became a qualified weight-loss counsellor.

On a personal note, for many years I have been a keen runner, up to county standard. My greatest achievements have been at longer road distances up to the marathon, and in fact I have been Norfolk county marathon champion on six occasions in recent years.

I have always found that while good performances can be achieved through hard training over time, great performances can only really be achieved through good mental preparation for races. Hypnotherapy and NLP can offer a number of strategies to aid sports performance, not only in running but also many other sports.

I have been practising as a hypnotherapist for many years and have often been asked by other hypnotherapists for advice and help in setting up their practice or tackling particular client problems.

Recently I have been recognised by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council as a Senior Practitioner, and they also confirmed that I can now formally offer One-to-One supervision sessions for fellow hypnotherapists as part of their continuing professional development (CPD).

If you're a practising hypnotherapist who would like to take advantage of this service, please contact me directly on 01603 230234, and I would love to help you. 

So, while I specialise in Weight Loss and Sports Performance hypnotherapy, my background in counselling allows me to be particularly effective with clients who want to stop smoking, ease stress and anxiety, build their confidence, tackle low self-esteem or dispel fears and phobias.

I look forward to hearing from you! Please contact me for a free initial consultation.


Call any time on 0800 978 8125 (or 01603 230234)

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